Elder James E. Williams, District Superintendent

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By the blessing of our Lord and Savior and under the untiring service and leadership of Elder Collis M. Fogle, the South Florida District of Church of God by Faith grew in numbers to a level that the Supreme Council deemed it necessary to restructure its boundaries. After much prayer, during the national convention in December 1989, the formation of the Daytona Beach District and Tampa District was announced. The late Elder Albert Landers, Jr. was appointed the District Superintendent of Tampa District with six churches under his supervision:


Clearwater: Elder Harvey Lawrence
Fort Myers: Elder James Stevenson
Lakeland: Elder Thomas Faison, Jr.
Plant City: Minister Calvin McDonald
Polk City: Elder Samuel Stevenson
Tampa: Elder Albert Landers, Jr.

Due to the love that had grown among the members of the former South Florida District, the Superintendents of the Daytona Beach, South Florida, and Tampa districts agreed to establish a Tri-District Assembly in January 1990. The worship and fellowship were so powerful and reviving, that they decided to make this an annual celebration. Each year, thereafter, the Tri-District Assembly has been held during the month of January. The offerings collected were divided among the three districts. These funds were used to establish Tampa District's checking account.

Elder Samuel Stevenson, Pastor of Polk City Church of God by Faith, was appointed as the first District Father. After his demise, in 1991, Minister Neal Phillips was appointed as the Pastor of Polk City Church of God by Faith and Elder Thomas Faison, Jr. was appointed as the Father of the Tampa District. In July 1993, the Supreme Council made the decision to change the name of the Tampa district to the Tampa Westcoast District.

The district grew in knowledge, faithfulness, wisdom and membership under the leadership of District Elder Landers. During the year of 2004, after being commissioned by the Lord to establish a church in the city of Bartow, Florida, the Bartow Church of God by Faith Mission came to pass under the leadership of Elder Thomas Faison, Jr. In 2007, the Bartow Mission was set-up as a church. After serving as District Superintendent of the Tampa Westcoast District for nineteen years, Elder Landers passed away on May 16, 2008. At that time, Elder James E. Williams, III, who was serving as the pastor of Fort Myers Church of God by Faith was appointed as the pastor of Tampa Church of God by Faith and Interim District Superintendent. Elder Calvin McDonald was appointed as the pastor of Fort Myers Church of God by Faith. After successfully carrying the baton of Interim District Superintendent since the demise of Elder Landers, in December 2008, Elder Williams was appointed as the Tampa Westcoast District's second Superintendent. In May 2009, the Lord blessed the district with the establishment of the St. Petersburg Church of God by Faith Mission in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida under the leadership of Minister Anthony Landers. Today, the Tampa Westcoast District is seven churches and one mission strong; and it continues to grow and prosper in the Lord.

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