Elder James E. Williams, District Superintendent

Superintendent James E. Williams

      Ruling Elder James E. Williams was born and raised in the Church of God by Faith, Inc and is the son of Superintendent Emeritus Elder James and the late Mother Cora Williams of the Gainesville District. He was saved at the age of 16, in Alachua, Florida. He graduated from High School in 1966 and enlisted in the US Army for three years. He is a proud Vietnam veteran. The next paramount experience in his life occurred on December 26, 1968 when he married Lillie Hampton. The couple transitioned from High Springs to Tampa in January, 1970, where they became members of Little Rock Church of God by Faith. He is a retired Postmaster from the U.S. Postal service where he served for 35 years.

      From December 1970 until 1992, he served under Elder Albert Landers Jr. as chairman deacon. The late Elder Collis M. Fogle, South Florida District Superintendent, recommended that Deacon James Williams serve on the National Finance Board. In December 1975, he was appointed to the Board of National Deacons and the National Finance Board, where he served until accepting his call into the ministry in July 1991. He served as the first Finance Board Chairman of the Tampa Westcoast District (1990-2000).

      Elder Williams served as Associate Minister of Little Rock COGBF for six years. In 1997, after demonstrating leadership abilities with a promising vision, he was appointed as pastor of Ft. Myers COGBF. During 1997-98, Elder Williams had a dual appointment to Ft. Myers and Plant City. In December 1998, he was reappointed pastor at New Life Church of God By Faith, Ft. Myers FL, where he remained for ten years. His next appointment (December 2007) was pastor of Little Rock COGBF, Tampa, FL and Assistant Superintendent of the Tampa Westcoast District. After the demise of Dr. Albert Landers Jr., Elder Williams was appointed District Superintendent at the 2008 COGBF, Inc. National Convention in Atlanta, GA.

      Through obedience to God's voice and his word, Superintendent Williams' teachings have enabled many to experience salvation, healing and deliverance. Superintendent Williams has a vision for the local church and the district. He believes in excellence, the power of prayer, and submitting always to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. His love for people and spreading the Word to the lost is demonstrated in his zeal to connect the church to its community. He is a member of the North East Community Civic Association and is currently in the process of setting up a radio broadcast to promote the church in the community. His desire is to be a positive model to others.

Presently, Elder James E. Williams is the pastor of The Rock Church of God By Faith, Tampa FL and District Elder of the Tampa Westcoast District. On December 21, 2014 he was elected as a Ruling Elder of the Church of God by Faith, Inc. Ruling Elder James Williams, a man with a vision.

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Elder J. E. Williams, District Superintendent
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